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We make buying KSA Cellular phone cards online so easy, starting from search for the right phone card until delivering phone card pins instantly!

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WHY USE KSA CELLULAR ? Prepaid Phone Cards or International Phone Card that some might refer to have a lot of advantages over traditional long distance companies.
There is no monthly commitment expect for the amount that you prepaid for the card. You use prepaid phone card and when done simply throw it away!

It's convenient because there is not credit check or land phone required. You can use from any phone, even pay phones!
Rates are usually much cheaper than long distance companies can offer. The reason being that these phone cards uses unused portion of the bandwidth that wasted from under-used long distance pipe lines.

Quality provided by these international phone cards are acceptable and most of the times parallel to those that offered by ATT, Sprint, etc, because they are basically using the same lines!

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KSA Cellular Phone Card Details

New Phone Card
KSA Cellular calling card
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Time Accuracy Rating: 5 of 5
Line Quality Rating: 5 of 5
Easy Connectivity Rating: 5 of 5

Selling Prices: 

currently out of stock...

Terms of Use: Click here to see Terms & Conditions of this phone card.
KSA Cellular Phone Card Highlights
KSA Cellular offers best international rates. Call International with KSA Cellular Calling Card.

NO Connection Fee Calling Card.
Best For Saudi Cellular.
800 Access Phone Card!
Excellent Connectivity!
100% Min. Delivered - Use in 1 Call.
Rates Accuracy Tested 4-25-09.

Kingdom Saudi Arabia
Cellular $5 = 60 min.
Land Line $5 = 60 min.

KSA cities:
Dhahran $5 = 60 min.
Jeddah $5 = 120 min.
Riyadh $5 = 240 min.

Bahrain 140 min. Cell 90 min.
Jordan 360 min. Cell 120 min.
Iran 70 min. Iraq 120 min.
Kuwait 95 min. Cell 65 min.
Lebanon 70 min. Cell 33 min.
Syria 40 min.  UAE 30 min.
*Minutes Based On $5 Phone Card.
Online Instant PINs delivery available.
Toll Free Number(s): 1-800-671-6631
Card Provider Customer Service Number(s): 1-800-671-6632

Service Provider: VOIP

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KSA CELLULAR Rates Table - Showing Countries starting with "E"

Country Rate/Min $5 (Mins) $10 (Mins) $20 (Mins) Conn. Fee.
Phone Card to East Timor $0.42 12 24 48 $0.00
Phone Card to Ecuador $0.11 45 90 180 $0.00
Phone Card to Ecuador - Cellular $0.17 30 60 120 $0.00
Phone Card to Ecuador - Cuenca $0.11 45 90 180 $0.00
Phone Card to Ecuador - Guayaquil $0.13 38 76 152 $0.00
Phone Card to Ecuador - Quito $0.10 50 100 200 $0.00
Phone Card to Egypt $0.08 60 120 240 $0.00
Phone Card to Egypt - Alexandria $0.08 60 120 240 $0.00
Phone Card to Egypt - Cairo $0.08 60 120 240 $0.00
Phone Card to Egypt - Cellular $0.07 45 150 300 $0.00
Phone Card to El Salvador $0.13 38 76 152 $0.00
Phone Card to El Salvador - Cellular $0.17 30 60 120 $0.00
Phone Card to Equatorial Guinea $0.23 22 44 88 $0.00
Phone Card to Eritrea $0.21 24 48 96 $0.00
Phone Card to Estonia $0.02 246 492 984 $0.00
Phone Card to Estonia - Cellular $0.23 22 44 88 $0.00
Phone Card to Ethiopia $0.21 24 48 96 $0.00
Phone Card to Ethiopia - Adis Ababa $0.17 30 60 120 $0.00
Phone Card to Ethiopia - Cellular $0.21 24 48 96 $0.00

KSA Cellular Phone Card | KSA Cellular Calling Card

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